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We scoured the wasteland, from the New California Republic to the heart of the Commonwealth to find the only good blue raspberry known to human and non-human kind. Then we blended it with our custom lemonade flavor and produced what we call Quantum. Set to release on Oct 23rd, 2077 we thought we would get some good karma and release it early. May or may not have a 10% chance of addiction, but is guaranteed to replenish plenty of action points.

As with all of our flavors, remember to shake well before each use!

Quantum captains a small amount of alcohol that may thin your juice. We recommend getting one step higher VG than you would normally get. For example if you normally get 50pg/50vg get 40pg/60vg Quantum.

Candy / Blue Raspberry   

Drinks / Lemonade 

All bottles are 30ml.

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